Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New World


location: Holland
weather: cold.. really COLD..

So here i am.. setelah sekian lama meninggalkan dunia blogging, i'm back and today i just feel like i wanna write something here.. :)

I've learned so much being here and got closer to God, even though i miss my parents so much.. :)
It's been raining for couple of days and somehow i really miss Salatiga..

  • i miss it's nice cool sunny weather.. well, it rains also sometimes, but i LOVE the rain there..
  • i miss the nice becak and dokar..
  • i miss my house!! Somopuro kidul.. :( :( hikz..
  • i miss my family. papa, mama,vic,peter..
  • i miss my friends..
  • i miss wahid and the gym and the swimming pool..
  • i miss GOR Lab..
  • i miss Ronde Jago.. :(
  • i miss my school..
  • i miss kemiri
  • i miss waffle..
  • i miss mina kencana
  • i miss pancasila..

now.. right here.. right now.. i'm learning to be a lady.. a more mature woman.. *halah*..
God,, i really need You in my life to guide me and strengthen me as i go into the world.. :) :)

Bless you all..

LAURA S. (Salvadora or Surjantoro) :D :D