Monday, November 29, 2010


location: Port Said, EGYPT..
time: 19:26


when did i last open my blog,huh?? hahaha.. wow........ again......

it's been crazy months.. :) so many that i've experience.. so many things i've learned..
i learned to be grateful, to appreciate people, and most of all to fall more and deeply in love with Jesus Christ.. :) :) it's amazing..

i used to feel lonely and lost if i don't have anyone beside me or to accompany me..
but then, as i continue to seek Him more and more and to love Him with all my heart, He's all I ever needed.. hehe.. :) :)
spending time with Him is something that i treasure so much.. :) :)

i learned to work hard.. :) haha.. because i've never work before in my whole life..
but cleaning toilets and vaccuuming and also preparing cabins isn't bad too.. it's exciting actually.. haha.. i learn to appreciate people more and to respect what they're doing..

deep inside my heart, i miss my life back home when i was still in Salatiga..
i had everything.. i had my family, my friends, school, clothes, basketball, anything i want.. and it was just the perfect life i want.. :)
but i know that this is where God wants me to be and to serve Him and just live a life that reflects His love wherever I go..

by the way, i turned 18!!! haha.. in Malta!! awesome birthday!! with awesome friends!! hehehehehehe.. time flies so fast.. too fast now..

i really don't know what to say anymore.. i don't really know if anyone ever reads my blog too or not.. hehe.. but i just want my writings to encourage you all and to live a life that's meaningful.. don't waste any time.. it's a fast fast life.. don't take it for granted.. :) :)



Tuesday, September 21, 2010

pictures.. :)

all of us.. are one body in CHRIST!! yea..!

Tenerife,Spain.. :D


Location: Tenerife, SPAIN
Weather: nice and sunny.. :)

soo.. here i am.. :) hehee.. in my new world.. :) so many things that i've learn throughout the last weeks.. so many people i meet.. :) it's such an amazing world to be in.. and to know more about God and share His Love.. it feels different.. :)

these couple of weeks i couldn't contact my family and friends because of no internet access.. but.. it's good.. i don't have to stare at the laptop everyday, instead i can really build up relationship with other people..

during my time here, i feel that God is really showing me His presence, and i can really feel His love.. :) He is an amazing God! I love him..

There's this song that i've just learned in the past month.. it's AMAZING LOVE..

just look at the lyrics..

" I'm forgiven, because you were forsaken
I'm accepted, you were condemned
I'm alive and well, you're spirit is within me
Because you died and rose again

Amazing love, how can it be
That you My king would die for me
Amazing love, I know it's true
It's my joy to honor you
In all I do I honor you

I'm forgiven, because you were forsaken
I'm accepted, you were condemned
I'm alive and well, you're spirit is within me
Because you died and rose again"

it's such a great lyric.. THAT MY KING WOULD DIE FOR ME.. :)

wow.. :) isnt' great? whatever mistakes or bad things you've done in your past, if
you let yourself to be broken and confess your sins and ask for God's
You'll get it.. I'm sure.. :) God will forgive you and you
will start a new life.. in Him and for Him.. :)

Remember.. He really LOVE you.. and he DIED just for YOU.. :)

I've been so blessed.. I'm in Spain now.. :) I just can't believe it.. I took a
walk last night with some friends and it's just so amazing how God
creates us so unique and different but we're a family.. family in Christ..

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New World


location: Holland
weather: cold.. really COLD..

So here i am.. setelah sekian lama meninggalkan dunia blogging, i'm back and today i just feel like i wanna write something here.. :)

I've learned so much being here and got closer to God, even though i miss my parents so much.. :)
It's been raining for couple of days and somehow i really miss Salatiga..

  • i miss it's nice cool sunny weather.. well, it rains also sometimes, but i LOVE the rain there..
  • i miss the nice becak and dokar..
  • i miss my house!! Somopuro kidul.. :( :( hikz..
  • i miss my family. papa, mama,vic,peter..
  • i miss my friends..
  • i miss wahid and the gym and the swimming pool..
  • i miss GOR Lab..
  • i miss Ronde Jago.. :(
  • i miss my school..
  • i miss kemiri
  • i miss waffle..
  • i miss mina kencana
  • i miss pancasila..

now.. right here.. right now.. i'm learning to be a lady.. a more mature woman.. *halah*..
God,, i really need You in my life to guide me and strengthen me as i go into the world.. :) :)

Bless you all..

LAURA S. (Salvadora or Surjantoro) :D :D

Thursday, July 29, 2010


29 July 2010.. 21:27 PM.. using dad's laptop..

3 words for today.. OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!

i thought.. today was going to be one boring and exhausting day..
pagi-pagi.. i woke up at 06.15..hooaaahmmm.. then sit at the dining table, dad started to give me advices.. then we (mom,dad,peter and i) had our devotion then Peter went to school..

SO.. i spend half of my day cutting newspapers of me in it and making it into a document.. owh ya.. btw, my sister was in the newspaper today.. hehehe.. they said she was 'the star' in Jateng team.. wow!!

owh yaa.. in the afternoon i went to the gym with ko jerry, then mom showed up.. heheh..
i went home earlier.. otw home, i got a message from dad saying that a camera that was going to be sent from Mr Albert ( a man from CWS church that's very kindly willing to give me a camera for my ministry) arrived and told me to check it out..

at first, i thought he was just going to send an ordinary digital camera.. for me to capture moments and for documentary reasons..

but as i saw the box.. i knew it was not just and ordinary camera..
GOD IS SO GOOD.. :) :)

Mr. Albert send me a Canon EOS 30D!!!!


it's just beyond my imagination to have a camera like that..never thought about having one.. i don't even know ho to properly use it.. gotta learn!

i'm still speechless. really. So happy and amazed.

thank you SO much for all the blessings.. :) :)


i need to focus and give the best for the Lord.. :D
i will!!




1:30 PM

hari ini capek sekalii.. padahal gag keluar rumah sama sekali.huufft..
kemaren gag sempet nge'blog, soalnya sibuuuk banged *halah*..

jadii..i had a sleep over at nonik's house with my friends.. it was so fun. hahah. we slept at 3 o'clock..
so kemaren, tanggal 28 july 2010..
 at 13.30 ke semarang buat nonton vic POPWIL. hehehe..

hehehe.. jadi kita nonton Jateng vs Banten.. heheeh.. my sister played good.. and Jateng won..
trus..trus.. nonton yang cowo juga abis itu pulang..

Laura mpe rumah dah ngantuuuk banged..
namun.. before i went to sleep, dad talked to me.. he told me that i can't pu my priorities together.. i know.. i'm leaving in 9 more days.. and i'm still busy with unecessary stuff..
and he said to me.. NO PROCRASTINATION.. !!!!!!!
he even made lots of sticker of 'NO PROCRASTINATION' words.. hahahaha.. thanks,dad.. i appreciate it.. :) i'm trying to be a better person, thanks for all your advices.. :D Love you..

i know.. i know.. i need to be more mature and sets my priorities..
i have to work hard.. and i want to learn..

i hope you guys are too.. :)

owh ya.. anyway.. from reading all the books that dad told me to, to prepare my ministry.. i've learn to accept things that people say about me, even if its good or bad.. :) and try to fix those mistakes.. i need to be humble, and break myself before God.. :)

Love Jesus. Love my family. Love my friends.


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

sleep over.. :D :D


at Faustina Farica's house.. (nonik) heheh.. at 10:55 PM.. 27 July 2010.. with Sonya Michaella, Nancy Nerisa Arviana, Monique Gracia.. MiringSLEEP OVER!!! hihi..

uhmmm.. today.. diawali dengan prayer.. :) hihi.. trus..trus.. bangun, keluar, sarapan, setelah itu OL bentar.. hehehe.. dari kemaren udah janjian sama mama mau fitness jam 9 pagii.. hehehehe..

sediih Laura.. today, 26 July 2010.. MEMBER WAHID LAURA ABIIIIS.. T.T hikz.. hikz..

jadii.. tadi lari 30 menit, trus larii.. bis itu.. good bye wahiid.. huhuhu.. kalo dateng harus bayar lagi deeh.. haish..
tak apalah.. saia disini tinggal 11 hari lagi juga.. huuh..

SO.. 5 PM.. maunya sih kumpul jam segituu di rumah nonik. tapi tertunda karena hujan yang begitu lamanya.. huuuh.. akhirnya, jiteng and i nekat aja dateng.. hehehehe..
Sonya dan nonik sudah menunggu dirumah, dan menyambut kedatangan kita dengan penuh sukacita.. :D

sayang sekali arum (kucluk) tidak bisa datang.. huhuhhhu.. dikarenakan rumahnya di Ampel.. jauuuuh....... trus..truss.. dia disuruh jaga warung.. sayang sekali.. T.T

sesampainya di rumah nonik, seperti biasa, sonya udah kelaperan.. hehehehe.. nancy juga tu ikut2an lapeer.. namuun.. monique masih di Solo.. tadinya mau nunggu monique dateng tapi Sonya dah keburu 'ngeleh'.. heheh.. akhirnya, nonik dkk memutuskan untuk ke cozy.. heheheh..
sebel deh di cozy, ada yang ngeliatin kita trus ketawain kita.. huuuuh.. cape deeh.. alay banged sih.. padahal kita gag ngapa2in.. 

trus... pulang rumah nonik, pada karaokean.. seru deeh.. hahahahahahahahah..
and monique akhirnya dateng.. heehehehhee.. :) :)
jadi tambah rame.. hehehehe..

so.. now sekarang kita mau maen kartu.. and this night belom berakhir..


here's a video of us..



Monday, July 26, 2010


hmmmm... uhhmmmm.. well.. what to say.. today??

26 July 2010.. clock is 9:15 PM.. at my sisters room.. 

anyway.. paginya Laura ke sekolah gituu.. to give vics letter to the principle and mrs nunuk.. laura juga skalian pamitan ma guru-guru.. hehehe.. asking them to remember me in prayer.. :)

then at 13.30, nancy, dad and i went to semarang to watch vics POPWIL.. hehe.. hari ini Jateng lawan Bali.. untung menang 71-61.. padahal kejar2an..

trus..trus.. we went to their hotel.. it was cool.. Hmmmm.. jadi inget.. masa-masa diriku basket dulu.. hahaha.. sudah berlalu tapii.. :) :)

just saying, i hate it when i'm jealous.. my body start shaking and i it feels burning inside.. maybe that's why when someone is jealous they said that it's 'panas'.. bener juga siih.. hehehehe.. anyway..

i need to be more mature.. :) more responsible in what i say and see other situations around me and people around me..
i have to stop being selfish and just think about myself.. :) :)

i hope 2 years abroad, i can learn many things that will increase my perspectives as a Christian, and i will be closer to God.. :)

12 days left.. gotta spend it wisely.. :)



p.s: besok mau nginep sama nonik,jiteng,monic,arum,sonya.. yipeeeee.. :D

Sunday, July 25, 2010

'happy' sunday?.. :) :)


25 July 2010.. Sunday.. in my sister's room (coz the internet cable is here).. my netbook's clock is saying it's 9:57 PM..

Sunday.. first.. happy sunday everyone.. :D

i started my day with a simple prayer, of course.. then went outside.. to see my parents and little brother.. ( since my sister is not here, she's in SMG, so i can't see her).. they're all at the front porch, having breakfast together..

then.. as i was sitting there with them, i realized that i should make a video of my ritual morning activities when i wake up.. i will remember it here.. hehe..

i wake up - pray - look around my room - go outside - drink a cup of water - go to the bathroom - look for breakfast - greet my family at the front porch - sit a while...

*sorry.. i tried to upload the video, but it took so long* huuuffft..

so there's my first morning ritual.. next.. after i sit awhile.. my stomach will make noises, and i'll go inside, get some coffee.. because we had no bread today.. and i didn't feel like eating cereals, i just made coffee and eat it with some biscuits.. hehehehe..

some other morning, i usually go run with my golden retriever dog, Perro.. but it's really tiring so i don't do it every day.. heheh.. other days i go to the gym and run.. :)

Soooo.. that's what i do in the morning..

today, i went to church with my mom..
after church, ian, oscar, angga and arron came and played at my house..

sorenyaa.. titin and chacha had their birthday party together, so we went to Mina Kencana to celebrate.. it was fun.. ahahah.. :) :) we had fun looking for their presents too.. hihihih...

anyway.. today was kinda tiring.. not just physical but also my mind.. huufft..

i had a really nice talk with my mom.. she opened my mind very much.. :) :)

just like the sermon today said.. don't be stressed.. :) keep smiling.. coz we are precious in His sight.. and He always keep and eye on us.. right????

Love you Jesus.. Love you Mom.. Love you Dad.. :) :)

good nigth everyone.. :)



Saturday, July 24, 2010


24 July 2010 at 22:49
i'm at my sister's room.. writing this post..

my feet aches. huuft. at 20:30, my brother wanted to see the fireworks in front of Ramayana.. owh the way,, today is Salatiga's birthday.. wow.. :) :) haha.. i just knew that actually.. so that's why there's going to be fireworks.. and i heard that Sheila on 7 is coming..wew..

soo.. my dad and my mom were going to semarang to take my sister to her training camp for POPWIL.. Peter really wanted to see the fireworks, so we took him to ramayana, but it was so crowded. just to shortened it, so abang ucup, bang yesi, peter and i walked from their kost to ramayana.. when we get there, peter just wanted to go home, coz it was boring and there were no fireworks yet.. huuffft..

duuh. cuma capek aja kog. kog jadi panjang ya ceritanya.. hehe..

but it was nice, anyway.. to have a walk at night with my little brother.. and by the way, the moon is shinning so bright today.. have i mentioned that i LOVE the moon and the stars.. :) :) hihi.. so we went back home.. and we just heard the fireworks from our house.. haha..

owh yaa.. 2 weeks left,huh? today someone asked me : " how are you going to spend your 2 weeks?".. i said, "i dunno.. i'll just write every single day in my blog..".. i hope something memorable or extraordinary happen here.. in SALATIGA.. where i spend my 6 years of junior high school and high school.. so many memories. :'( huuuh..

it's getting late.. i gotta go to bed.. i don't even know what i'm writing about now.. hahaha. gag jelas aah.. capek..

night everyone.. :)

God Bless..



Laura here.. still here.. in Salatiga, the cool city..

hehe.. these couple of days, the wind is blowing so hard,huh?? dinggiiiiin.. brrr...
but i'm still grateful.. masih bisa tiduran di tempat tidur, dengan selimut yang sangat lembut dan tebal.. hmmmm.. so nice.. :) :) jadi ngantuk niih..
well,, hari ini.. 24 July.. Laura bertekad untuk lebih sering nulis di blog.. haha.. why?? i don't know.. because i think it's going to be fun.. to read all this all over again someday, remembering and laughing at all the things i wrote.. hehe..
but most of all.. i hope that THIS BLOG WILL BE A BLESSING TO ALL YOU PEOPLE THATS READING IT.. :) :) hehehe..

last night, as i lay down on my bed, feeling cold and sleepy, i thanked God for all the blessings He gave.. :) :)
Laura masih bisa lulus sekolah.. makan.. tidur.. bertemu dengan orang-orang yang laura cintai.. have fun.. and i can still read Your word and talk to You everyday.. :) :)

Laura sadar, waktu Laura di kota kecil nan indah ini sudah hampir berakhir.. and i want to make every day memorable.. so i'll start writing here.. in this blog.. of all the times and experiences i had.. my LAST 2 WEEKS here.. before i enter the 'real world'.. hahaha..

anyway.. this morning i had my devotion.. about 'Reflecting His Love'.. hehe..
it's cool.. 'without love i am nothing'.. that's a quote in a song.. and i learn that we have to LET HIM MAKE YOU A REFLECTION OF HIS WONDERFUL LOVE SHINNING OUT TO EVERYONE IN YOUR WORLD. Let His LOVE shine through us.. :) :)

hehe. itu dulu deh,, if i feel like writing again, i'll write.. hehe..


Laura Salvadora / L11

Monday, July 5, 2010


wuih.. i'm so exhausted.
i haven't play basketball for a long time and our team ( Rajawali Salatiga ) just had a tournament in Pekalongan.. it was a great trip but also exhausting.. my last tournament before i enter the 'real world'.. hahahhaa..

i had a great time with my team mates.. they're SO fun.. i'm gonna miss you guys.. titin, vic, putri, achid, ine, nonik, sekar, tika, nanda, ceylla, and also clara.. and don't forget our great manager wiwi and nia.. hahaha.. also our coach.. :):)

well, we got 3rd place, not bad for a team that rarely practice.. hahahha..

i was looking at my calendar dan wow, i'm gonna spend like 4 more sundays here.. :O :O woowww. so fast,huh??

right now, i have to focus what's ahead of me.. and prepare myself for it..

please pray for me.. :) :)

God Bless..


Friday, June 25, 2010


i was shocked.. wew.. can't believe what i just saw.. really..
kog bisa ya? y ampuuun..
kadang saia merasakan hal yang sama.. tapi y saya tidak sampai segitunya dan hanya merenung dan mengasihani diri sendiri..
sudahlah.. gag nyambung banget ni mau ngomong apa.. hahaha..
aneh2 saja.. :) :)

just go ahead and SMILE..

don't bother..

Thursday, June 24, 2010



PROM??? it's over..
GRADUATION??? been there, done that..
and its all amazing.. thank you God for these 3 years in SMA Kristen Satya Wacana Salatiga.. :) :) what an experience.. :) :)

just had lunch with my best friends.. Gaby, Karina, Nea.. Adel couldn't come, coz she has something to do.. it was our farewell lunch.. gosh, i can't believe that we're gonna leave each other.. T.T it's so sad...

i guess its time to say goodbye.. huuuh.. now our life begins.. more mature and more responsibility in life.. i've learned my lesson all these years.. how to treat people and how not to treat people.. i've met the wrong people, wrong friends.. 'fake' friends actually.. but in the process, i made 'true' friends too.. and now, in just a month i have to leave and start in all over again.. :) but God, i know.. with your help, you will send me a great friend..

So.. i don't really know what to write about.. hahah.. since i've never write here anymore.. just typing words now, don't know what to say..

there are so many stories in my life, but i just don't have the right words or sentences to make it interesting.. do you think that my life is interesting???

hmmmmm.. ngomong apa ya?? bingung nii.. hehehe..

soo.. it's 2:32 p.m.. and in 28 minutes i have to go to the court to practice basketball.. hahaha.. padahal dah lama banged gag maen basket.. gag tau ni gimana klo dah di lapangan pas tanding buat kejurda u-18 di pekalongan nanti.. huuuh.. deg2an juga.. :) God help me..

duh, bingung ni mau ngomong apa lagii.. hahaha..

well, the point is.. I LOVE MY FRIENDS!!! i made it through in high school, of course, with God's help..

whoever is reading my blog (even though i rarely write here).. God Bless.. :) :)

always, *kayak surat aja*


Tuesday, April 27, 2010



hahaha.. at last.. high school. it's over.. :D 3 years of happiness, sadness, friendship, love.. i can graduate with 'good' marks.. hahaha..
and now i have to face a more challenging and exciting life ahead of me..

the time has come for me to say goodbye in a couple of months.. i wish that i could use these months for good..

time's so fast,huh? it seems that it just won't stop.. or at least slow down.. why? when everything is going so well in my life.. when i just got the chance.. hmmmmm..

these past years, i learned my lessons.. about life, love, relationships.. i met different people in my life that brings different stories..


i'm kinda speechless right now. i don't even know what to write about.. it's been a long time since i write here..


hope that i'll make a good use of this last months.. and prepare my life, for the future..

GBU all.. ^^


Monday, March 1, 2010

God's hands..

"God allows bad things to happen to His people only if He sees a way of turning the bad into a greater good.. "

really love this words..
knowing that God is always there to carry us,and all the struggles we're facing is only another of God's amazing way to make us grow stronger.. ",

happy monday everyone..


Friday, February 19, 2010

Monday, February 15, 2010



that date?? no comment.. haha..

no little sweet things.. no candle light dinner.. no chocolates.. hahaha.. *lebay*

tapi meaningful juga kog..somehow, in the end of the day..

i didn't know that we were expected that much.. someone..
my family and i went to this small church.. and there, these people really appreciated us visiting their church.. hehe..
it was nice to see that.. that we could be a blessing.. ^^

uhmmmmm.. what else?? hehe.. belakangan ini harus focus UAN..
God help me.. ",


happy val's day everyone.. ^^

Friday, February 12, 2010



hmmmm.. can't believe it's almost valentine,huh??

what's gonna happen this Valentine??

i'm just thankful that i can still be here with my family.. *seutuhnya*, tanpa kekurangan apapun.. and to get a chance to love.. hehe.. ^^

bingung lagi ni mau ngomong apa..
tadi ada acara valentine di sekolah.. hehe.. acaranya seruu.. ", banyak aksi nembak cewek.. awwww.. that's so sweet. hehehe..

i just remembered my last valentines here..

this year??? my valentine?? i know that some people think that valentine is no big deal. but it's kinda sweet you know.. to do something with someone on valentine..even your friends or family.. haha..

let's just see what this valentine will be.. ",


n.b. i got to lose weight!! don't eat all those chocolate.. hahaha..


Tuesday, February 9, 2010


God told us, "wisdom means,that u respect me,the Lord,and turn from sin." (Job 28:28)

Sunday, January 3, 2010


well.. it's 2010!

time flies so fast,huh??
gag nyangka udah tahun 2010..
i'm so grateful for 2009.. i've learned many things..and i've been so blessed.. ^^ thx God for the wonderful 2009..

i hope 2010 is better.. Laura mau meninggalkan semua kejelekan2 yang ada di 2009, n be better in 2010.. be a better sister, better friend, better daughter, better someone.. ^^
i hope His blessings will still be pouring down this year for me and people around me..

this year, i only have 9 more months before i'm going to leave.. hmmmph.. i hope i can make something good out of it..

this year.. i also want to feel that 'bestfriend'.. somewhere.. out there.. the one that i can really share all my troubles, my stories, and my jokes to.. someone who can laugh together with me,, and really know me..

i have many friends.. and i'm very grateful for them.. love them so much.. i just hope that this year i'll be a better friend.. ^^

and also this year.. here are my goals..
1. make mom and dad proud..
2. be a better big sister..
3. lebih dekat dengan Tuhan..
4. membentuk badan!! hahahhaahha..
5. prepare my last 9 months..
6. mantain a healthy relationship with friends and people around
7. be stylist?? hahha.. i dunno.. i just wanna dress nice sometimes..hehe..
8. grow my hair.. wkwkkw..

aneh2 ya goalnya.. hehehe..

hope u guys have a great 2010!!

peace.. ^^v.. L11