Monday, November 29, 2010


location: Port Said, EGYPT..
time: 19:26


when did i last open my blog,huh?? hahaha.. wow........ again......

it's been crazy months.. :) so many that i've experience.. so many things i've learned..
i learned to be grateful, to appreciate people, and most of all to fall more and deeply in love with Jesus Christ.. :) :) it's amazing..

i used to feel lonely and lost if i don't have anyone beside me or to accompany me..
but then, as i continue to seek Him more and more and to love Him with all my heart, He's all I ever needed.. hehe.. :) :)
spending time with Him is something that i treasure so much.. :) :)

i learned to work hard.. :) haha.. because i've never work before in my whole life..
but cleaning toilets and vaccuuming and also preparing cabins isn't bad too.. it's exciting actually.. haha.. i learn to appreciate people more and to respect what they're doing..

deep inside my heart, i miss my life back home when i was still in Salatiga..
i had everything.. i had my family, my friends, school, clothes, basketball, anything i want.. and it was just the perfect life i want.. :)
but i know that this is where God wants me to be and to serve Him and just live a life that reflects His love wherever I go..

by the way, i turned 18!!! haha.. in Malta!! awesome birthday!! with awesome friends!! hehehehehehe.. time flies so fast.. too fast now..

i really don't know what to say anymore.. i don't really know if anyone ever reads my blog too or not.. hehe.. but i just want my writings to encourage you all and to live a life that's meaningful.. don't waste any time.. it's a fast fast life.. don't take it for granted.. :) :)