Saturday, March 10, 2012


Location : Office
Country: Manila, Philippines
Time : 11:00
Date : 10/03/2012

Well, I'm in Manila now. :) It's crazy to think how fast time is. It's already March and in 6 more months I'll be going home to Indonesia.
The time on board is amazing. Sometimes I still feel weird being here and not finding peace and such, but to think about it. It is a great privilege to be here.

What's been going on my mind these days?
Well, I really thank God for my friends on board. I haven't mentioned them yet, right?
There's Danree from South Africa. We've been friends at the conference just before we joined the ship. She's pretty crazy. I can say that she's very opposite from me but we love each other so much. God is really amazing. Before I came I prayed that God will give me a friend that is more mature and can challenge me but also fun at the same time.
I praise God for her. She is really fervent and passionate about God and has many experience in things. and she taught me and challenged me alot with my walk with God too.

There is also Eva and Nikola. Eva is half Finish half UK but lives in Germany. She's a very sweet girl but she left the ship. She's fun and loving, very real girl. I also appreciate her a lot. and miss her a lot too!
Nikola is really cool. She's really passionate about God too and we were close when we work together in accommodation but now we have our own work and job so we don't really hang out a lot anymore.
I also love my cabinmates! :)
There's 4 of us in the cabin.
Before it was Femke (Holland), Danree *she's also my cabinmate* (South Africa) and Hye Ji (South Korea). It's amazing to think that I'm sharing a room on board with all this nationalities. You think that sharing a room is hard? well, think again when you share it with 3 different cultures.
Femke is really sweet and loving. I can say that her love was real. She's the same age as me but she's very mature for her age. she loves God and loves people. :) awww i miss her.
But now we have a new cabinmate, her name is Cindy (Costa Rica), she's much older than all of us and she's really sweet and nice too.
Hye Ji.. awww.. Hye Ji, my South Koren/New Zealand friend. She's very proper I can say, quiet in a way but very strong in her own way. She's very obidient to God and really want to please God. :)

God, I really thank you for the people around me..
It's really weird to think that I realize how much they mean to me know when I'm writing about them.
I hope this will make you stop and think of the people around you and how you are blessed by their presence. :)

Have a wonderful day everyone!

Laura :)

Saturday, January 21, 2012


location : office.. duhh..
time: 11:11 AM
country : Cebu, Philippines

Well, I'm just sitting here. Trying to figure out what I'm actually doing. Sometimes I wonder why I go blank in a while, and then not think about anything. Is there really too much going on in my mind or there's just nothing going on in my mind?

I really have an issue of being discipline. These couple of days seems so dull. :( I don't know why. Maybe because I'm missing home, thinking about Salatiga, what I'm going to do when I go back home and such.

Last week was much better. My walk with God was also good. I think I need to spend more time with Him. Really, He does give you joy in your everyday activities. Sad to admit, I know that He is my fuel, my saviour and my redeemer but somehow other things still distract me from Him. Oh Laura.. :(

I really wish I could be one of those passionate people you know?
That really have a heart for the Lord. I do have, but sometimes I'm just too selfish to give my time for Him. I think more about my social life and not about my eternal life with Him. I should really use the time I have in this world to build His kingdom and glorify Him. But somehow everything we do here is just trying to glorify ourselves. tragic,ey?

Lord, I really need you.

I miss my family. I miss Salatiga.
I still don't know what I'll be doing. But I trust God and I am willing to go anywhere He wants me to be. What I wrote in twitter today:
'There's a God-shaped void in the heart of every man, which only God can fill it'.

I want that void to be filled. By God himself. Not any worldly things.

Have a beautiful day everyone!

Laura :)

Saturday, January 14, 2012

office work?

Location : Cebu, Philippines
Time: 13:46
So.. right now I'm in my office.. I know, OFFICE.. i just graduated high school, oh my..
But living on board Logos Hope really give me lots of opportunities to grow in so many different aspects. From cleaning bathrooms, to being a receptionist, now I work in an office.
hehe.. as the Business Centre Administrator..
So just a bit background, I'm responsible for all the outgoing and incoming mails, printers, laminations, stationaries, ect and I do some administration work too. It's quite different to think that I've never had any work experience and such but it's also a great privilege God has given me.
I learned so much! I love the people that I work with and even though it was tough at the beginning but I learn to love what I'm doing. I don't know work could be so exhausting. The first month I was here, oh my, my head couldn't stop thinking. There were so many things to think about and to consider in the actions that I do.
But praise God he was with me through all those times.
here's the picture of my desk in my office.. I love it! you're own personal space besides your cabin (room onboard).
Well, I work from 09:00 -17:00 everyday, except for weekends.
I kinda miss school.. actually, I really miss High School.. Sometimes I think that school was hard, but actually, it was so FUN! Especially the friends I have.. :)
Oke, now this is like a job description kinda post.. haha.. sorry..
Owh well,
Have a wonderful day everyone! May God's joy be with you always..
"Those who look to the Lord are radiant" - Psalm 34:6 (NIV)

Laura Salvadora Surjantoro / L11

Thursday, January 5, 2012


wow.. it's just.. wow.. :)
these last couple of months were amazing!
i still can't believe i only have 8 more months left onboard, serving the Lord.
From my last post, we were in India.. and it was in June! half a year ago! wow.. crazy..
i should write more.. haha.. that's what i always say.. 'I should write more', but i never write more.. haha..
location: in the middle of the sea sailing from singapore to philippines
time: 10:59
so where have i been since the last time i posted?
By God's grace I got to visit the most amazing places that I never thought i would.
Hambantota, SRI LANKA
Visakapatnam, INDIA
Port Klang, MALAYSIA
Kota Kinabalu, MALAYSIA
Singapore, SINGAPORE
Wow.. I didn't know it would actually look pretty cool if I list them out like that.. hahaha..
It's just amazing how God really brought us to where we are now, despite all the struggles we are facing with our engine and things. We keep on praying..
In Penang, Malaysia my dad and my brother, Peter came to visit. It was a blessed moment together.
In Singapore I met my whole family!!! oh my gosh! my mom and my sis! I miss them SO much! we had Christmas together onboard.. it was great.. i love them to bits!
they left just before new year, i was kinda devastated but I got through with it. i know that I'll see them again soon.. sooner than I think I will..
Uurgh.. there's just so many to tell..
i'm sure i will write more..
we'll be in the Philippines for 6 months! wow! I just pray that God would really work in my heart to really have a servant heart and really love the people i see there so that his light and hope will be shown in the country. :)
Enjoy your day everyone! :)
Laura :)

Monday, June 13, 2011

'Long time no write'

Wow.. oke, so.. it's been so long since i've write here.. right? haha..
what made me want to write again..
because i got an email from my mom saying,

'mama baca blog-mu loh...kapan di update lagi

blog-mu bagus banget seperti baca novel aja...hihihi'

oh wow!! i was so totally surprised.. i would never think that my mom would ever read my blog.. and to give a comment like that? that's just.. wow..... hehe..

so it got me thinking, why not? why not start writing again? it's so funny because back home i used to write so much even though my life was ordinary and nothing much really happened..

but here, living the life of my life, serving the Lord, seeing new cultures and countries, why haven't i write anything about it?????.. :( oh Laura.. what a pity,ey??

so let me start...

location: in the library at Kochi, India

time: 19:06

it's been 8 months since i'm here and it's been such a blessing..
i know.. i haven't really felt 'at home' yet when i was here 3 months.. i keep crying and crying wanting to go back home.. but i know this is where God wants me to be and where he could mold me and use me for His glory.. :)

I'm in INDIA.. let me say it again.. INDIIAAA! wow!!
i've only seen like bollywood movies when i'm small.. the one movie that got stuck on my head was only 'kuch kuch hota hai' though. haha.. it's a cool story.. so i've only seen India in movies, newspaper, magazines, TV.. but never thought that i would actually be here..
what a great opportunity.. :)

*suddenly don't know what to write anymore.. carried away by the thought of being here* halah.. hehe..

soo.. truly it is a blessing for me to be here..
i've learn so much.. cleaning (of course.. i work in the hotel services department, so i learned how to clean and stuff), interacting with people, being humble (seriously), being independent (more serious).. and most of all, giving all my heart to God..

to be honest, when i was back home.. i know i'm a Christian girl and pastor girl and stuff.. but i haven't really act like one.. i listen to mom and dad, try to get good marks, practice basketball.. but my walk with God was, i don't know.. blurry i guess.. i just don't feel Him around.. even though i was reading my Bible, going to church.. i didn't open up my heart fully for Him.. i just do that for the sake of doing it.. :) but now.. it's like, He's calling me back to Him..
and you know what? as I spend more time with Him, i feel this peace.. that i never felt before..
this longing that i've been looking for.. and it's... AMAZING.. :) :)
He loves me so much.. :) :) and it's true..

we're going to leave India in a week.. to Sri Lanka again.. :)

I miss my family, and I surely miss Salatiga.. :) :)
Bless them..


Monday, November 29, 2010


location: Port Said, EGYPT..
time: 19:26


when did i last open my blog,huh?? hahaha.. wow........ again......

it's been crazy months.. :) so many that i've experience.. so many things i've learned..
i learned to be grateful, to appreciate people, and most of all to fall more and deeply in love with Jesus Christ.. :) :) it's amazing..

i used to feel lonely and lost if i don't have anyone beside me or to accompany me..
but then, as i continue to seek Him more and more and to love Him with all my heart, He's all I ever needed.. hehe.. :) :)
spending time with Him is something that i treasure so much.. :) :)

i learned to work hard.. :) haha.. because i've never work before in my whole life..
but cleaning toilets and vaccuuming and also preparing cabins isn't bad too.. it's exciting actually.. haha.. i learn to appreciate people more and to respect what they're doing..

deep inside my heart, i miss my life back home when i was still in Salatiga..
i had everything.. i had my family, my friends, school, clothes, basketball, anything i want.. and it was just the perfect life i want.. :)
but i know that this is where God wants me to be and to serve Him and just live a life that reflects His love wherever I go..

by the way, i turned 18!!! haha.. in Malta!! awesome birthday!! with awesome friends!! hehehehehehe.. time flies so fast.. too fast now..

i really don't know what to say anymore.. i don't really know if anyone ever reads my blog too or not.. hehe.. but i just want my writings to encourage you all and to live a life that's meaningful.. don't waste any time.. it's a fast fast life.. don't take it for granted.. :) :)



Tuesday, September 21, 2010

pictures.. :)

all of us.. are one body in CHRIST!! yea..!

Tenerife,Spain.. :D


Location: Tenerife, SPAIN
Weather: nice and sunny.. :)

soo.. here i am.. :) hehee.. in my new world.. :) so many things that i've learn throughout the last weeks.. so many people i meet.. :) it's such an amazing world to be in.. and to know more about God and share His Love.. it feels different.. :)

these couple of weeks i couldn't contact my family and friends because of no internet access.. but.. it's good.. i don't have to stare at the laptop everyday, instead i can really build up relationship with other people..

during my time here, i feel that God is really showing me His presence, and i can really feel His love.. :) He is an amazing God! I love him..

There's this song that i've just learned in the past month.. it's AMAZING LOVE..

just look at the lyrics..

" I'm forgiven, because you were forsaken
I'm accepted, you were condemned
I'm alive and well, you're spirit is within me
Because you died and rose again

Amazing love, how can it be
That you My king would die for me
Amazing love, I know it's true
It's my joy to honor you
In all I do I honor you

I'm forgiven, because you were forsaken
I'm accepted, you were condemned
I'm alive and well, you're spirit is within me
Because you died and rose again"

it's such a great lyric.. THAT MY KING WOULD DIE FOR ME.. :)

wow.. :) isnt' great? whatever mistakes or bad things you've done in your past, if
you let yourself to be broken and confess your sins and ask for God's
You'll get it.. I'm sure.. :) God will forgive you and you
will start a new life.. in Him and for Him.. :)

Remember.. He really LOVE you.. and he DIED just for YOU.. :)

I've been so blessed.. I'm in Spain now.. :) I just can't believe it.. I took a
walk last night with some friends and it's just so amazing how God
creates us so unique and different but we're a family.. family in Christ..

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New World


location: Holland
weather: cold.. really COLD..

So here i am.. setelah sekian lama meninggalkan dunia blogging, i'm back and today i just feel like i wanna write something here.. :)

I've learned so much being here and got closer to God, even though i miss my parents so much.. :)
It's been raining for couple of days and somehow i really miss Salatiga..

  • i miss it's nice cool sunny weather.. well, it rains also sometimes, but i LOVE the rain there..
  • i miss the nice becak and dokar..
  • i miss my house!! Somopuro kidul.. :( :( hikz..
  • i miss my family. papa, mama,vic,peter..
  • i miss my friends..
  • i miss wahid and the gym and the swimming pool..
  • i miss GOR Lab..
  • i miss Ronde Jago.. :(
  • i miss my school..
  • i miss kemiri
  • i miss waffle..
  • i miss mina kencana
  • i miss pancasila..

now.. right here.. right now.. i'm learning to be a lady.. a more mature woman.. *halah*..
God,, i really need You in my life to guide me and strengthen me as i go into the world.. :) :)

Bless you all..

LAURA S. (Salvadora or Surjantoro) :D :D

Thursday, July 29, 2010


29 July 2010.. 21:27 PM.. using dad's laptop..

3 words for today.. OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!

i thought.. today was going to be one boring and exhausting day..
pagi-pagi.. i woke up at 06.15..hooaaahmmm.. then sit at the dining table, dad started to give me advices.. then we (mom,dad,peter and i) had our devotion then Peter went to school..

SO.. i spend half of my day cutting newspapers of me in it and making it into a document.. owh ya.. btw, my sister was in the newspaper today.. hehehe.. they said she was 'the star' in Jateng team.. wow!!

owh yaa.. in the afternoon i went to the gym with ko jerry, then mom showed up.. heheh..
i went home earlier.. otw home, i got a message from dad saying that a camera that was going to be sent from Mr Albert ( a man from CWS church that's very kindly willing to give me a camera for my ministry) arrived and told me to check it out..

at first, i thought he was just going to send an ordinary digital camera.. for me to capture moments and for documentary reasons..

but as i saw the box.. i knew it was not just and ordinary camera..
GOD IS SO GOOD.. :) :)

Mr. Albert send me a Canon EOS 30D!!!!


it's just beyond my imagination to have a camera like that..never thought about having one.. i don't even know ho to properly use it.. gotta learn!

i'm still speechless. really. So happy and amazed.

thank you SO much for all the blessings.. :) :)


i need to focus and give the best for the Lord.. :D
i will!!




1:30 PM

hari ini capek sekalii.. padahal gag keluar rumah sama sekali.huufft..
kemaren gag sempet nge'blog, soalnya sibuuuk banged *halah*..

jadii..i had a sleep over at nonik's house with my friends.. it was so fun. hahah. we slept at 3 o'clock..
so kemaren, tanggal 28 july 2010..
 at 13.30 ke semarang buat nonton vic POPWIL. hehehe..

hehehe.. jadi kita nonton Jateng vs Banten.. heheeh.. my sister played good.. and Jateng won..
trus..trus.. nonton yang cowo juga abis itu pulang..

Laura mpe rumah dah ngantuuuk banged..
namun.. before i went to sleep, dad talked to me.. he told me that i can't pu my priorities together.. i know.. i'm leaving in 9 more days.. and i'm still busy with unecessary stuff..
and he said to me.. NO PROCRASTINATION.. !!!!!!!
he even made lots of sticker of 'NO PROCRASTINATION' words.. hahahaha.. thanks,dad.. i appreciate it.. :) i'm trying to be a better person, thanks for all your advices.. :D Love you..

i know.. i know.. i need to be more mature and sets my priorities..
i have to work hard.. and i want to learn..

i hope you guys are too.. :)

owh ya.. anyway.. from reading all the books that dad told me to, to prepare my ministry.. i've learn to accept things that people say about me, even if its good or bad.. :) and try to fix those mistakes.. i need to be humble, and break myself before God.. :)

Love Jesus. Love my family. Love my friends.