Friday, February 12, 2010



hmmmm.. can't believe it's almost valentine,huh??

what's gonna happen this Valentine??

i'm just thankful that i can still be here with my family.. *seutuhnya*, tanpa kekurangan apapun.. and to get a chance to love.. hehe.. ^^

bingung lagi ni mau ngomong apa..
tadi ada acara valentine di sekolah.. hehe.. acaranya seruu.. ", banyak aksi nembak cewek.. awwww.. that's so sweet. hehehe..

i just remembered my last valentines here..

this year??? my valentine?? i know that some people think that valentine is no big deal. but it's kinda sweet you know.. to do something with someone on valentine..even your friends or family.. haha..

let's just see what this valentine will be.. ",


n.b. i got to lose weight!! don't eat all those chocolate.. hahaha..


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