Sunday, December 6, 2009


wow.. hehe. christmas is almost here,right??
time flies so fast.. just a last year, i spend some part of my life far away from Jesus, but this year, for coming back to Him, i feel His presence n His blessings from me.. ", thanks God for giving me a second chance..

hidup.. hmmm..
kemaren adek Laura, JJ Peter ultah yang ke 8.. he's so big now.. then our family watched the VCD of mom giving birth to him.. it feels like it's just yesterday.. we were in Wageningen, Holland.. i was still 9 years old playing with my little sister, Victoria in the living room and my mom and dad were expecting the baby soon..
the birth took place at home, not in the hospital, not anywhere, but at home.. the mid-wive came.. i stayed up all night, waiting for my baby brother..

then.. through a process *that's kinda surprising to see* hahaha.. Johannes Jakobus Peter is born.. 5th December 2001.. ",

Papa called me to the bedroom, and there's this little small red boy in my mom's arm.. wow..
then i woke my sister up.. we were really happy that day.. ",

we spent the rest of the weeks still in Holland, coz JJ is not old enough to go back to the ship.. we had Christmas there.. it was a really meaningful Christmas.. with snow falling from the skies, Christmas carols on the streets, presents from people, and a great time with my family.. ", what a wonderful month.. i wish i could turn the time again and go back to that specific time..

now here.. in Salatiga.. it feels.. dull.. i mean,, empty.. no signs of Christmas that's near, no Carols on the streets, no Christmas tree..
hmmmm.. the only thing i feel that Christmas is near is at home, when every morning mom turned the Christmas song on.. ",

but anyway.. it's still Christmas huh?? hehe.. wherever we are, who ever we're with.. Jesus is still here with us.. just remember how he's born to save us.. just in a stable.. little Jesus was born..

Thanks Jesus,, thanks my family.. and thanks for all the people in my life that makes my life worth living.. :)

"all i want for Christmas is YOU"..

take care all.. ",

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