Sunday, January 3, 2010


well.. it's 2010!

time flies so fast,huh??
gag nyangka udah tahun 2010..
i'm so grateful for 2009.. i've learned many things..and i've been so blessed.. ^^ thx God for the wonderful 2009..

i hope 2010 is better.. Laura mau meninggalkan semua kejelekan2 yang ada di 2009, n be better in 2010.. be a better sister, better friend, better daughter, better someone.. ^^
i hope His blessings will still be pouring down this year for me and people around me..

this year, i only have 9 more months before i'm going to leave.. hmmmph.. i hope i can make something good out of it..

this year.. i also want to feel that 'bestfriend'.. somewhere.. out there.. the one that i can really share all my troubles, my stories, and my jokes to.. someone who can laugh together with me,, and really know me..

i have many friends.. and i'm very grateful for them.. love them so much.. i just hope that this year i'll be a better friend.. ^^

and also this year.. here are my goals..
1. make mom and dad proud..
2. be a better big sister..
3. lebih dekat dengan Tuhan..
4. membentuk badan!! hahahhaahha..
5. prepare my last 9 months..
6. mantain a healthy relationship with friends and people around
7. be stylist?? hahha.. i dunno.. i just wanna dress nice sometimes..hehe..
8. grow my hair.. wkwkkw..

aneh2 ya goalnya.. hehehe..

hope u guys have a great 2010!!

peace.. ^^v.. L11

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