Tuesday, April 27, 2010



hahaha.. at last.. high school. it's over.. :D 3 years of happiness, sadness, friendship, love.. i can graduate with 'good' marks.. hahaha..
and now i have to face a more challenging and exciting life ahead of me..

the time has come for me to say goodbye in a couple of months.. i wish that i could use these months for good..

time's so fast,huh? it seems that it just won't stop.. or at least slow down.. why? when everything is going so well in my life.. when i just got the chance.. hmmmmm..

these past years, i learned my lessons.. about life, love, relationships.. i met different people in my life that brings different stories..


i'm kinda speechless right now. i don't even know what to write about.. it's been a long time since i write here..


hope that i'll make a good use of this last months.. and prepare my life, for the future..

GBU all.. ^^


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