Thursday, June 24, 2010



PROM??? it's over..
GRADUATION??? been there, done that..
and its all amazing.. thank you God for these 3 years in SMA Kristen Satya Wacana Salatiga.. :) :) what an experience.. :) :)

just had lunch with my best friends.. Gaby, Karina, Nea.. Adel couldn't come, coz she has something to do.. it was our farewell lunch.. gosh, i can't believe that we're gonna leave each other.. T.T it's so sad...

i guess its time to say goodbye.. huuuh.. now our life begins.. more mature and more responsibility in life.. i've learned my lesson all these years.. how to treat people and how not to treat people.. i've met the wrong people, wrong friends.. 'fake' friends actually.. but in the process, i made 'true' friends too.. and now, in just a month i have to leave and start in all over again.. :) but God, i know.. with your help, you will send me a great friend..

So.. i don't really know what to write about.. hahah.. since i've never write here anymore.. just typing words now, don't know what to say..

there are so many stories in my life, but i just don't have the right words or sentences to make it interesting.. do you think that my life is interesting???

hmmmmm.. ngomong apa ya?? bingung nii.. hehehe..

soo.. it's 2:32 p.m.. and in 28 minutes i have to go to the court to practice basketball.. hahaha.. padahal dah lama banged gag maen basket.. gag tau ni gimana klo dah di lapangan pas tanding buat kejurda u-18 di pekalongan nanti.. huuuh.. deg2an juga.. :) God help me..

duh, bingung ni mau ngomong apa lagii.. hahaha..

well, the point is.. I LOVE MY FRIENDS!!! i made it through in high school, of course, with God's help..

whoever is reading my blog (even though i rarely write here).. God Bless.. :) :)

always, *kayak surat aja*


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