Monday, June 13, 2011

'Long time no write'

Wow.. oke, so.. it's been so long since i've write here.. right? haha..
what made me want to write again..
because i got an email from my mom saying,

'mama baca blog-mu loh...kapan di update lagi

blog-mu bagus banget seperti baca novel aja...hihihi'

oh wow!! i was so totally surprised.. i would never think that my mom would ever read my blog.. and to give a comment like that? that's just.. wow..... hehe..

so it got me thinking, why not? why not start writing again? it's so funny because back home i used to write so much even though my life was ordinary and nothing much really happened..

but here, living the life of my life, serving the Lord, seeing new cultures and countries, why haven't i write anything about it?????.. :( oh Laura.. what a pity,ey??

so let me start...

location: in the library at Kochi, India

time: 19:06

it's been 8 months since i'm here and it's been such a blessing..
i know.. i haven't really felt 'at home' yet when i was here 3 months.. i keep crying and crying wanting to go back home.. but i know this is where God wants me to be and where he could mold me and use me for His glory.. :)

I'm in INDIA.. let me say it again.. INDIIAAA! wow!!
i've only seen like bollywood movies when i'm small.. the one movie that got stuck on my head was only 'kuch kuch hota hai' though. haha.. it's a cool story.. so i've only seen India in movies, newspaper, magazines, TV.. but never thought that i would actually be here..
what a great opportunity.. :)

*suddenly don't know what to write anymore.. carried away by the thought of being here* halah.. hehe..

soo.. truly it is a blessing for me to be here..
i've learn so much.. cleaning (of course.. i work in the hotel services department, so i learned how to clean and stuff), interacting with people, being humble (seriously), being independent (more serious).. and most of all, giving all my heart to God..

to be honest, when i was back home.. i know i'm a Christian girl and pastor girl and stuff.. but i haven't really act like one.. i listen to mom and dad, try to get good marks, practice basketball.. but my walk with God was, i don't know.. blurry i guess.. i just don't feel Him around.. even though i was reading my Bible, going to church.. i didn't open up my heart fully for Him.. i just do that for the sake of doing it.. :) but now.. it's like, He's calling me back to Him..
and you know what? as I spend more time with Him, i feel this peace.. that i never felt before..
this longing that i've been looking for.. and it's... AMAZING.. :) :)
He loves me so much.. :) :) and it's true..

we're going to leave India in a week.. to Sri Lanka again.. :)

I miss my family, and I surely miss Salatiga.. :) :)
Bless them..


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