Thursday, January 5, 2012


wow.. it's just.. wow.. :)
these last couple of months were amazing!
i still can't believe i only have 8 more months left onboard, serving the Lord.
From my last post, we were in India.. and it was in June! half a year ago! wow.. crazy..
i should write more.. haha.. that's what i always say.. 'I should write more', but i never write more.. haha..
location: in the middle of the sea sailing from singapore to philippines
time: 10:59
so where have i been since the last time i posted?
By God's grace I got to visit the most amazing places that I never thought i would.
Hambantota, SRI LANKA
Visakapatnam, INDIA
Port Klang, MALAYSIA
Kota Kinabalu, MALAYSIA
Singapore, SINGAPORE
Wow.. I didn't know it would actually look pretty cool if I list them out like that.. hahaha..
It's just amazing how God really brought us to where we are now, despite all the struggles we are facing with our engine and things. We keep on praying..
In Penang, Malaysia my dad and my brother, Peter came to visit. It was a blessed moment together.
In Singapore I met my whole family!!! oh my gosh! my mom and my sis! I miss them SO much! we had Christmas together onboard.. it was great.. i love them to bits!
they left just before new year, i was kinda devastated but I got through with it. i know that I'll see them again soon.. sooner than I think I will..
Uurgh.. there's just so many to tell..
i'm sure i will write more..
we'll be in the Philippines for 6 months! wow! I just pray that God would really work in my heart to really have a servant heart and really love the people i see there so that his light and hope will be shown in the country. :)
Enjoy your day everyone! :)
Laura :)

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