Saturday, March 10, 2012


Location : Office
Country: Manila, Philippines
Time : 11:00
Date : 10/03/2012

Well, I'm in Manila now. :) It's crazy to think how fast time is. It's already March and in 6 more months I'll be going home to Indonesia.
The time on board is amazing. Sometimes I still feel weird being here and not finding peace and such, but to think about it. It is a great privilege to be here.

What's been going on my mind these days?
Well, I really thank God for my friends on board. I haven't mentioned them yet, right?
There's Danree from South Africa. We've been friends at the conference just before we joined the ship. She's pretty crazy. I can say that she's very opposite from me but we love each other so much. God is really amazing. Before I came I prayed that God will give me a friend that is more mature and can challenge me but also fun at the same time.
I praise God for her. She is really fervent and passionate about God and has many experience in things. and she taught me and challenged me alot with my walk with God too.

There is also Eva and Nikola. Eva is half Finish half UK but lives in Germany. She's a very sweet girl but she left the ship. She's fun and loving, very real girl. I also appreciate her a lot. and miss her a lot too!
Nikola is really cool. She's really passionate about God too and we were close when we work together in accommodation but now we have our own work and job so we don't really hang out a lot anymore.
I also love my cabinmates! :)
There's 4 of us in the cabin.
Before it was Femke (Holland), Danree *she's also my cabinmate* (South Africa) and Hye Ji (South Korea). It's amazing to think that I'm sharing a room on board with all this nationalities. You think that sharing a room is hard? well, think again when you share it with 3 different cultures.
Femke is really sweet and loving. I can say that her love was real. She's the same age as me but she's very mature for her age. she loves God and loves people. :) awww i miss her.
But now we have a new cabinmate, her name is Cindy (Costa Rica), she's much older than all of us and she's really sweet and nice too.
Hye Ji.. awww.. Hye Ji, my South Koren/New Zealand friend. She's very proper I can say, quiet in a way but very strong in her own way. She's very obidient to God and really want to please God. :)

God, I really thank you for the people around me..
It's really weird to think that I realize how much they mean to me know when I'm writing about them.
I hope this will make you stop and think of the people around you and how you are blessed by their presence. :)

Have a wonderful day everyone!

Laura :)


  1. i've read your blog, and.. Woow.. you have a nice life..
    kind of jealous actually, but.. good luck.
    God bless you..

  2. I've known you from 2009,back when you're still playin' on dbl team...thats the first time i saw you...well,i'm kinda fans of yours since then. I've read your blog since then and i wanna tell you that you're inspiring me...please,keep writing...
    god bless you,,

    A fans of yours,
    IMADORI (.^_^.)