Thursday, July 29, 2010


1:30 PM

hari ini capek sekalii.. padahal gag keluar rumah sama sekali.huufft..
kemaren gag sempet nge'blog, soalnya sibuuuk banged *halah*..

jadii..i had a sleep over at nonik's house with my friends.. it was so fun. hahah. we slept at 3 o'clock..
so kemaren, tanggal 28 july 2010..
 at 13.30 ke semarang buat nonton vic POPWIL. hehehe..

hehehe.. jadi kita nonton Jateng vs Banten.. heheeh.. my sister played good.. and Jateng won..
trus..trus.. nonton yang cowo juga abis itu pulang..

Laura mpe rumah dah ngantuuuk banged..
namun.. before i went to sleep, dad talked to me.. he told me that i can't pu my priorities together.. i know.. i'm leaving in 9 more days.. and i'm still busy with unecessary stuff..
and he said to me.. NO PROCRASTINATION.. !!!!!!!
he even made lots of sticker of 'NO PROCRASTINATION' words.. hahahaha.. thanks,dad.. i appreciate it.. :) i'm trying to be a better person, thanks for all your advices.. :D Love you..

i know.. i know.. i need to be more mature and sets my priorities..
i have to work hard.. and i want to learn..

i hope you guys are too.. :)

owh ya.. anyway.. from reading all the books that dad told me to, to prepare my ministry.. i've learn to accept things that people say about me, even if its good or bad.. :) and try to fix those mistakes.. i need to be humble, and break myself before God.. :)

Love Jesus. Love my family. Love my friends.


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