Thursday, July 29, 2010


29 July 2010.. 21:27 PM.. using dad's laptop..

3 words for today.. OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!

i thought.. today was going to be one boring and exhausting day..
pagi-pagi.. i woke up at 06.15..hooaaahmmm.. then sit at the dining table, dad started to give me advices.. then we (mom,dad,peter and i) had our devotion then Peter went to school..

SO.. i spend half of my day cutting newspapers of me in it and making it into a document.. owh ya.. btw, my sister was in the newspaper today.. hehehe.. they said she was 'the star' in Jateng team.. wow!!

owh yaa.. in the afternoon i went to the gym with ko jerry, then mom showed up.. heheh..
i went home earlier.. otw home, i got a message from dad saying that a camera that was going to be sent from Mr Albert ( a man from CWS church that's very kindly willing to give me a camera for my ministry) arrived and told me to check it out..

at first, i thought he was just going to send an ordinary digital camera.. for me to capture moments and for documentary reasons..

but as i saw the box.. i knew it was not just and ordinary camera..
GOD IS SO GOOD.. :) :)

Mr. Albert send me a Canon EOS 30D!!!!


it's just beyond my imagination to have a camera like that..never thought about having one.. i don't even know ho to properly use it.. gotta learn!

i'm still speechless. really. So happy and amazed.

thank you SO much for all the blessings.. :) :)


i need to focus and give the best for the Lord.. :D
i will!!



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  1. aku juga mauuuuuuuuuuuuuuu mr albert aku juga mauuuuuu 30d

    heheheheh salam Kenal :-)