Sunday, July 25, 2010

'happy' sunday?.. :) :)


25 July 2010.. Sunday.. in my sister's room (coz the internet cable is here).. my netbook's clock is saying it's 9:57 PM..

Sunday.. first.. happy sunday everyone.. :D

i started my day with a simple prayer, of course.. then went outside.. to see my parents and little brother.. ( since my sister is not here, she's in SMG, so i can't see her).. they're all at the front porch, having breakfast together..

then.. as i was sitting there with them, i realized that i should make a video of my ritual morning activities when i wake up.. i will remember it here.. hehe..

i wake up - pray - look around my room - go outside - drink a cup of water - go to the bathroom - look for breakfast - greet my family at the front porch - sit a while...

*sorry.. i tried to upload the video, but it took so long* huuuffft..

so there's my first morning ritual.. next.. after i sit awhile.. my stomach will make noises, and i'll go inside, get some coffee.. because we had no bread today.. and i didn't feel like eating cereals, i just made coffee and eat it with some biscuits.. hehehehe..

some other morning, i usually go run with my golden retriever dog, Perro.. but it's really tiring so i don't do it every day.. heheh.. other days i go to the gym and run.. :)

Soooo.. that's what i do in the morning..

today, i went to church with my mom..
after church, ian, oscar, angga and arron came and played at my house..

sorenyaa.. titin and chacha had their birthday party together, so we went to Mina Kencana to celebrate.. it was fun.. ahahah.. :) :) we had fun looking for their presents too.. hihihih...

anyway.. today was kinda tiring.. not just physical but also my mind.. huufft..

i had a really nice talk with my mom.. she opened my mind very much.. :) :)

just like the sermon today said.. don't be stressed.. :) keep smiling.. coz we are precious in His sight.. and He always keep and eye on us.. right????

Love you Jesus.. Love you Mom.. Love you Dad.. :) :)

good nigth everyone.. :)



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