Saturday, July 24, 2010


24 July 2010 at 22:49
i'm at my sister's room.. writing this post..

my feet aches. huuft. at 20:30, my brother wanted to see the fireworks in front of Ramayana.. owh the way,, today is Salatiga's birthday.. wow.. :) :) haha.. i just knew that actually.. so that's why there's going to be fireworks.. and i heard that Sheila on 7 is coming..wew..

soo.. my dad and my mom were going to semarang to take my sister to her training camp for POPWIL.. Peter really wanted to see the fireworks, so we took him to ramayana, but it was so crowded. just to shortened it, so abang ucup, bang yesi, peter and i walked from their kost to ramayana.. when we get there, peter just wanted to go home, coz it was boring and there were no fireworks yet.. huuffft..

duuh. cuma capek aja kog. kog jadi panjang ya ceritanya.. hehe..

but it was nice, anyway.. to have a walk at night with my little brother.. and by the way, the moon is shinning so bright today.. have i mentioned that i LOVE the moon and the stars.. :) :) hihi.. so we went back home.. and we just heard the fireworks from our house.. haha..

owh yaa.. 2 weeks left,huh? today someone asked me : " how are you going to spend your 2 weeks?".. i said, "i dunno.. i'll just write every single day in my blog..".. i hope something memorable or extraordinary happen here.. in SALATIGA.. where i spend my 6 years of junior high school and high school.. so many memories. :'( huuuh..

it's getting late.. i gotta go to bed.. i don't even know what i'm writing about now.. hahaha. gag jelas aah.. capek..

night everyone.. :)

God Bless..


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