Monday, July 5, 2010


wuih.. i'm so exhausted.
i haven't play basketball for a long time and our team ( Rajawali Salatiga ) just had a tournament in Pekalongan.. it was a great trip but also exhausting.. my last tournament before i enter the 'real world'.. hahahhaa..

i had a great time with my team mates.. they're SO fun.. i'm gonna miss you guys.. titin, vic, putri, achid, ine, nonik, sekar, tika, nanda, ceylla, and also clara.. and don't forget our great manager wiwi and nia.. hahaha.. also our coach.. :):)

well, we got 3rd place, not bad for a team that rarely practice.. hahahha..

i was looking at my calendar dan wow, i'm gonna spend like 4 more sundays here.. :O :O woowww. so fast,huh??

right now, i have to focus what's ahead of me.. and prepare myself for it..

please pray for me.. :) :)

God Bless..


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