Monday, July 26, 2010


hmmmm... uhhmmmm.. well.. what to say.. today??

26 July 2010.. clock is 9:15 PM.. at my sisters room.. 

anyway.. paginya Laura ke sekolah gituu.. to give vics letter to the principle and mrs nunuk.. laura juga skalian pamitan ma guru-guru.. hehehe.. asking them to remember me in prayer.. :)

then at 13.30, nancy, dad and i went to semarang to watch vics POPWIL.. hehe.. hari ini Jateng lawan Bali.. untung menang 71-61.. padahal kejar2an..

trus..trus.. we went to their hotel.. it was cool.. Hmmmm.. jadi inget.. masa-masa diriku basket dulu.. hahaha.. sudah berlalu tapii.. :) :)

just saying, i hate it when i'm jealous.. my body start shaking and i it feels burning inside.. maybe that's why when someone is jealous they said that it's 'panas'.. bener juga siih.. hehehehe.. anyway..

i need to be more mature.. :) more responsible in what i say and see other situations around me and people around me..
i have to stop being selfish and just think about myself.. :) :)

i hope 2 years abroad, i can learn many things that will increase my perspectives as a Christian, and i will be closer to God.. :)

12 days left.. gotta spend it wisely.. :)



p.s: besok mau nginep sama nonik,jiteng,monic,arum,sonya.. yipeeeee.. :D

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